Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thank goodness for Latvian teens.....we walked into a drugstore to purchase our first item of the day--DEODORANT.  The lady behind the counter speaks in hushed tones after I ask her for deodorant and pantomime rolling it under my arms.  She is apparently advising me on how to USE The stuff and when she realizes I have no clue what she is saying, she beckons for a pretty, dark haired teen girl to come over and do some translating.  The girl, in turn, co-ops her friend,who apparently speaks better English.  They blush and tell me to apply the stuff at particular times and such, blah, blah, but it sounds a bit odd and their reaction was strange too.  Turns out, much to Michael's delight, that they are thinking I have some sort of medical perspiration problem and asking for special prescription deodorant, hence the hushed tones and blushing.  HA!  I am happy to report I have no such issue and have purchased NORMAL stuff to keep me smell free.  

We also managed to locate not one, but two, galleria's in which we purchased some clothing to wear to court tomorrow.  Relief.  We got a brief foot tour of Old Riga as we shopped and had a nice dinner.  Riga has some lovely little park/gardens, complete with little waterfalls and a little canal type pond.  The streets are cobblestoned and dotted with little wooden flower shops that resemble large playhouses...People of every nationality were taking it all in (while smoking, of course). 

Upon arriving back at the hotel, the door was locked and it was raining.  We couldn't get in.  WE rang a bell.  No one came.  WE walked around a side, rang another bell and were greeted by a stern looking old man who staunchly refused to let us in and physically blocked the entrance.  When we explained that we wanted to get IN, he burst out laughing and pointed us around the corner, where there was a courtyard entrance.  We had been coming and going from the street entrance, which is apparently the BACK entrance.  

Shower amusement:  Those of you who know me know what a huge klutz I am so you will not be surprised to know that as soon as I pushed the lever on the soap dispenser in the bathroom, the entire thing fell apart in the shower and came crashing to the ground.    

Sooooo, that's about it for today.  I blew my solitary pair of undies dry with the hairdryer and now I am calling it a day.  Michael is sleeping.  I made the mistake of drinking coffee a few hours ago and cannot settle in.  Tomorrow we head to Daugavpils at 10 am local time.  Then to court at 2 (ish??)  We think after court we will get to see the kids.....

Till tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck with everything, you are in my prayers!