Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twas the night before.......

It's 11:50pm, the night before our departure, and I, insanely, am starting a blog.  Here's our lowdown for those who don't know us.....

  • We have 4 biological kids:  Madigan, 9;  Owen 7;  Colin 6;  and Anya, 4.  
  • We hosted Dima and Natalija through NHFC and had NOT set out to adopt any children  ;-)
  • We leave all four little monkey's tomorrow to fly to Latvia for our first of 3 trips.
  • Both Dima and Natalija are in foster families and yes, they know we are coming.  
  • No, we do not have room for 6 kids.  
  • No, I do not have or want a really gigantic bus-car thing.  
  • Yes, I will be doing laundry till my washer falls apart.
But mostly, we are jazzed up about going to Latvia to get them.  As they are older children, ages 13 and 11.5, they can "choose their destiny" so to speak.  We are pretty sure they want to come, but you just never know what will happen.  Dima was really nervous today, but told me he was "A very BIG excited!" too.  We, obviously, think they are pretty cool kids, so we are banking on them choosing to come to the US.

As for my little ones, I am having some anxiety pains about leaving them for 20 days.  We have made paper chains,  created a "secret envelope" game and made so many lists it would make your eyes cross.  

I think we are ready.  Almost.  I have to go finish packing.  More as we travel.....

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  1. This is exciting news! My prayers are with you for safety and success every step of the way! I'm sure your little ones at home will be fine and I pray for their safety and comfort too without you. Looking forward to your future posts!!!!!!!!!!