Monday, August 15, 2011

Social Worker Meeting & Towel Dispute

So this morning we had to head over to the social workers building and check in with them.....Another very brief encounter with the same ladies.  They basically asked the children if they were having fun....where had they gone, what had we done, what are our plans while in Riga.  So far the kids have a list a mile long: bowling, the weird fort area, the zoo, the movies, the shooting gallery, etc.  Today we will head over to the Olympic center, which is a giant Olympic sized pool with "trampolines!" as Natasha calls diving boards.

Note to those staying at Hotel Latgola:  the breakfast is pretty unappetizing at best.  It was just odd.  They had lots of sliced meats, sitting out with no cooling apparatus and some bacon that had not really been cooked.  Michael's family likes their bacon close to raw and even they wouldn't eat this stuff.  They had cereal that looked like Sugar Smacks but NO MILk!  Even Dima was perplexed with this!  "Why they have no milk??"  I have no idea, buddy!  So Natasha notices a huge pitcher of yogurt and says that we are to pour the yogurt over our cereal.  The kids ate it, Michael and I had warm orange juice.

So we realize we need towels for this trip and we see the hotel maid, so I tell Dima to tell her we need 4 additional towels bc we are going swimming.  I had a feeling this would not go over well bc we get four rough smallish towels daily--not ONE more or less.  So, the lady tells DIma we will have to hang them up and use them as our room towels.  Well, it is very humid here and there is one place to hang ONE towel, so they do not dry in an evening.  So I told Dima to tell her we needed the four replaced in our room and an ADDITIONAL four--I even gave the old battle ax a Lat.  THen she told me "Every day you are using more towels!  You should hang them up!" and proceeded to give me the "being green" lecture.  Hate to break it to her, but we Americans, well, we BATHE--and we do it every night.   I was getting a little annoyed to be fighting over four freaking towels when we are paying 107 Euros a night (152 USD!) for a TINY room with uncomfortable beds.  I want my darn towels, lady. Well, we argued for a while and I am not sure who won.  We will see after they clean our rooms.

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  1. Hate to tell you, but she's going to short sheet you tonight and take your toilet paper.