Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last night as we went to sleep, we joked with the kids about their new names...some suggestions were:

Natasha Baboushka
Natasha Pistachio
Dima Ice Creama

They roll their eyes and Natalija says "Maaaaammmmmmmmmm!" and groans.  Dima turns red and really doesn't want anyone around him to hear the nutty Americans saying goofy things.  Ahhhh, 13 and stuck with your new, foreign parents that everyone is always looking at!  hehe  Fun stuff, really!  I have told Dima that if he doesn't smile for pictures, I am going to start dancing and singing about Latvia in the streets.  He is mortified and smiles HUGELY every time.

Still need middle name suggestions!  Keep them coming! So far, Natasha has decided to take the nickname version of "Natalija" which is Natasha and couple it with an American middle name.  I wished she would have kept Natalija--I think it is a gorgeous name.  She will have none of it.  Oh well.

Dima has decided to let go if Dmitrijs and simply be "Dima." But he too needs a middle name.......I don't mind him so much letting go of "Dmitrijs" because no one could possible understand how to say it!  Dima has a better chance of being pronounced correctly in America.

SO, unless you want these kids to wind up Dima Ice Creama and Natasha Babushka, y'all better send me some names, pronto!


  1. How 'bout Natasha Maria...Abagail....Gertruda!!...Gail (that is mine and Sabina's!).....Cloe.....Ann....Shannon!!....Too early for more ideas....let's try

    Dima Gale (my Dad's and the male version of my Gail!)...Jonathon...Michael....Steven....what are some of your family names....I thought that was a good idea with Sabina to kind of confirm her as part of this family.

    Keep having a good time. You sound like such a good parent!!! I need to work on following your lead!

  2. Something Irish!! How about Evan, Sean, Michael for Dima. Maybe Erin,or Rae for Natasha. Too bad she doesn't like Natalia. Such a pretty name. How about a maiden name from your side of the family?