Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rest & Reading


  • Never play UNO with two foreign speaking kids.  They will crush you.
  • Natasha can pick a lock like it's nobody's business.
  • Conversation at the zoo...ME:  "Dima, where is your Sprite?" DIMA, patting his back pocket, "It's here, in my butt!"  
I love this stuff.  It's like those little teensy Activia yogurts you can buy in the States, but simply a bigger bottle.

A way to package cereal with less waste??

DIma learning to cook an omlette with swiss cheese

NEVER open a window with a pigeon on the sill.

Our front door in Riga

What's behind steel door #2?

The locking mechanism on this door!

I intended to pound the pavement with the kids again today but we are just whipped after walking all day yesterday.  Played a few hands of UNO, ate a really late breakfast, then I am putting them to work.  They had begged for some little English workbooks and I put them to work in the workbook.  It reminds me of kindergarten because they are both reading their workbooks out loud and need LOTS of help.  Reading is so different than speaking.  My aim is 45 minutes.  Then we're outta here and I want to see this town.


So Michael left and we had a few interesting little blips.  Immediately before Michael left, Dima was a nervous wreck.  After bumming around the city with us and we still have all our major body parts, he is loosening up.  Natasha had her moments AFTER Michael left.  She decided to make sure I was in charge and got a really sassy....Nothing major, but she has never really tested me before.  Things like responding to instructions with a saucy little tone with "WHY???" or "NOOO!"  or "Why I must help?" UUUUUhhhh, sorry, kiddo, you're 11. I was tired and hungry too and wasn't in the mood to argue with a preadolescent kid, so I simply looked at her after a few more of these challenges and clapped my hands together in frustration and sternly told her, "I SAID NOW!"  She looked shocked and we have not had any incidents since.  This morning we had a very quiet talk about listening nicely to Mom when you are asked to help out.  I am sure this won't be the last time we have mother-daughter chats ;-)

Meanwhile my kids back at home gave my mother and the babysitter holy hell yesterday.  Sorry gals!  This is a test in endurance for ALL 8 of us, plus my mom, the children's teachers, etc.  I yearn for normalcy!   Hopefully Michael's reappearance on the scene will calm them down a little.


  1. I love it! Sounds like it should be all around ... including your kiddos back home being terrors! Our 3 were a little much for gpa & gma last time, so this trip we're only sending the boys to CA for a visit! :)

  2. Don't expect normalcy any time soon!! Nothing in my life is the same as it was before I hosted last summer when I thought I knew what normal was.....maybe my normal was boring! It is not boring any more!