Monday, August 15, 2011

Q & A

So, people have asked me some questions, so I'm gonna answer them...

1.  What happens next?
This is trip one of three to Latvia.  On this trip we have met with the "orphan court" and have been granted permission to basically hang out and get to know the kids.  Yes, I know we already know them and yes, that is frustrating.  So, we checked in once with these ladies to ensure the kids well being and do it again on Monday.  Michael leaves on Wednesday.  On the 23d, we go to "real court" and the adoption process is put in motion.

2.  Why do we have to stay so long?
I dunno.  We are bonding, according to them.  This is a source of contention with me.  Obviously we already had bonded or we wouldn't be here.  It is what it is and if I dwell on it, I get annoyed.  Next question....

3.  Do we like Latvia?
Sure!  It's fun to travel, see new gain perspective seeing where the kids are from.  I like Riga more than Daugavpils, but Daugavpils is growing on me and has its merits too.  Nice flowers, for starters and that Olympic center ain't too shabby either  ;-)  Aside form the towel police chic, everyone has been very helpful and kind.

4.  Are the kids acting out?
Nope.  The kids are fine.  They are more used to this confinement and close quarters than are we.  Mostly, they act like any adolescents who have been dragged on a trip with their parents.  Activities are fun, sightseeing makes them GROAN.  We like to sightsee.  LOL.  They would be happy as clams eating at Chili Pica and Hesburger (think take out pizza and Mc Donalds) every meal.  We made them go to real restaurants.  More groaning.  They get bored in the evening.

5.  What are the biggest challenges?
LAUNDRY!  Confinement!  We walk and walk and walk and walk all day and see all sorts of things.  But you can only do that for so long before kids tire out, then we are back at the hotel and crammed on top of each other again.  I hate the living arrangements.  Adjusting to the time is impossible for me bc I am an incredibly light sleeper and between the Disco across the street and the snoring, I am beside myself!

6.  Is the food good?
Yup, aside from Hesburger, which I despise, the food is really good.  I like Gubenators (dead animal place) and the Italian place is quite good.

7.  This is the best...Are you going to tell people (new people?!?!?) you adopted them?
Nope, I am going to tell them I had two recent unintended pregnancies.  Labor was tough, but we managed.  Funny thing is, they have these accents.......

Check out this fine example of Cajun Dad would be proud.  Dima has thread (No, I don't know why, perhaps future Boy Scout material??) and now we have a clothesline.  (We also have about 70985 little BUGS in our room bc the hotel does not have AIR and it's HOT!  They have centrally controlled air  and for some reason the halls are cool but the room is a humid jungle.)

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