Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Morning from Riga

OMG!  JET LAG.  I feel like I have been run over by a bus.  My eyes are bloodshot and my head feels like it's going to explode.  I just popped two Excedrin and I am hoping for a miracle.  I do not cross time zones well.  I feel like those cartoon characters with the toothpicks holding their eyes up!

Weather today is predicted to be 61 as a high and rainy.  Intellectually I KNEW that is would be substantially cooler here, but last night I was just amazed that it was COLD--like New Orleans in November or December!  Reminds me of when I first went to London 19 years ago for the summer and spent the entire summer in an orange sweatshirt because I had packed for a 98 degree summer.  THey do not exist here.  I need an orange sweatshirt!!!

Ohhhhh, Riga......
It's interesting.  When we drove into the city through town in our cab, you can see the contrast between a city that is thoroughly modern and a city that is also struggling...On the outskirts of town, there are buildings very modern in design coupled with homes that look like little old farm houses that are aged and worn.  In the downtown area, it's thoroughly city, though.  Cobblestone streets, apartment buildings, pretty old buildings sporting pretty flowers...which incidentally are the same exact flowers we have and use in GA gardens.  This surprises me bc it's such a different climate.  Impatiens, those little silver gray plants, and some other familiar flowers......and sunflowers seem to be very popular.  I got a kick out of a really tough looking bald headed tattooed guy carrying a very dainty bouquet of pink flowers somewhere...

Lots o skinny jeans!  I still can't quite get into a man in skinny jeans.  It just boggles my Southern mind and confuses my gay-dar.  But here, it's all the rage.  Skinny jeans on dudes, even in pink....I don't think this trend is going to make it in the South.

Aside from the skinny jeans, we've had a little bit of everything as far as attitude, just as you would have in the US, a surly waitress and a fabulous little cab driver, sweet teens at the pharmacy, etc. etc.  As always, I am impressed with Europeans ability to speak multiple languages and SO wish that foreign language was required from an early age in the US.

Like everywhere in Europe, they drive FAST and you better watch it.  I would say 60 through town seems to be the minimum.  Wait for those crosswalks, people!

For those of you coming over here, we are at HOtel's fine.  Not opulent by any's in a beautiful old building and I chose it bc on the website I saw that it was SMOKE FREE and that hooked me.  It's got clean sheets and aside from being a bit spartan, it's fine.  NOTE to gals, though, the outlets are no where near a mirror.  You cannot use the hair dryer to "style" your hair and I am looking mighty fine!  I am using a small compact mirror....and I am sporting a pony tail out of desperation.

THE HUSBAND.....having trouble with Baltic Air issued razors, which do not shave correctly as my spotty legs can attest to.  He has a spotty face and is NOT a happy man right now.  Man tantrum #2.  He is usually the more level headed of the two of us, but he's having a tough time with the loss of the luggage and his personal items.  Translation...he's one grumpy dude this morning.

Gotta run......our driver will be here shortly to rocket us at LAtvian speeds to Daugavpils.....

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  1. Praying things go well in court. By now you may have already been. Love your blog!!! Look forward to the next update.