Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In anticipation of our departure, we spent a little while last night putting a paper chain together for the kids so they can count the days.  On each link there is a note from us or an instruction to open a numbered "Secret Envelope."  Inside the envelopes there are clues leading them to little treats we have hidden in various places.  

This morning all the paper chains int he world didn't stop me from crying as I told them by at school.  20 days is a darn long time.  Madigan was wistfully sad.....Owen was cranked up WAY more than usual--nervous energy.....Colin broke down with his LOOOOOGN "Coli-hug."  "Coli-hugs" are given when he is feeling especially sweet and involves him rubbing his soft little pudge cheek against mine with his arms around my neck and alll melted against me.  Upon realizing I was crying, he looked astonished, took my face in his hands and giggled through his tears.  Silly Mamma.  Anya just wanted us to swing her down the hallway and was excited to be with the awesome staff of Cornerstone.  

One small snafu this morning.....The hotel in Riga needed a confirmation via credit card.  I use American Express and a Discover.  They don't take either.  Sooooooooo, luckily I remembered an old (and i mean old) college account that I had never closed and was able to call them and reactivate the card.  They are sending me a Visa to my Riga hotel!  Snafu solved.  Advice:  Get a Visa.    Some take American Express, some do not.  Discover is unheard of thus far.  There go my additional skymiles!  haha

SO, now we are waiting.....check ins at the airport have, thus far, been uneventful.  Much to many people's chagrin, I navigated TSA's checkpoints unmolested :-)  Everyone at the airport is in a cheerful mood......The kids should have opened their notes in their lunchboxes and soon they will be home for "Secret Envelope #1."

We have not been able to make contact with Dima or Natalija today.  I know he was packing yesterday and was getting nervous.  Last I spoke with Natalija she was very nonchalant about the whole thing....but her English is so limited it is difficult to converse over the phone.

Less than an hour till take off....

Things we have already realized we have forgotten:
movies for the children in Latvia

More later!  

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