Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Drinking Boys"

Imagine staying in a Bourbon Street hotel during Mardi Gras and you will have a good idea of the noise that befell us last night.  I was awoken at 2:30am to a DRUM and whoops and hollers that lasted well into the night.  I HAD EARPLUGS IN!  And the kids didn't even twitch!  So for hours, some drunk kids beat on drums, hollered and screamed, and apparently drank themselves silly, awakening only me.  HOw could anyone sleep through that mess?!?!?!  Michael woke briefly to say how loud it was, then, true to his gender, began to snore again.  Dima shrugged it off this morning and said it must have been da "drinking boys."

We are off today to see the Daugavpils zoo and eat somewhere OTHER than Chili Pica.  THe weather looks a little nicer and it may hit 80 today.

I am getting a  little sick of this hotel already.  I wish we would have been able to find a proper apartment here, but they did not have a furnished, non smoking apartment.  It was essential for ME to have a place to lie down each night that did not reek of smoke.  The kids are being great.  They seem very ok with the hotel arrangements and Dima is proud to be the tour guide.  He knows the city, so we just relinquish control and allow him to show us one site per day.

More pics later.......

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