Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Darth Vader & Death Potties

Michael and I had to make light of the situation at hand, after all, it's not everyday you get to see some of the characters we got to see!  Once the air conditioner got cranking, we were able to just breathe un-offended until a stop was made along the route or we hit a bump.  When that happened, it was as if the air was all stirred up again and the stench would waft our way and settle in our nostrils, singing our nose hairs  UGH.  

One man was particularly offensive and when he got off, Michael nearly passed out and moaned under his breath, "Ohhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo!  HE TOUCHED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  About this time I am giggling from the complete absurdity of the situation and so he continues, egging me on, "OOOOOOhhhhh, noooo!  And I liked this shirt!  I think there's a hole in the spot where his hand touched! AGHHH!"

Then we hear what sounds remarkably like Darth Vader--I nearly expected to hear "I AM YOUR FATHER LUUUUUUKKKKKKKEEEE!"  But alas, it was NOT Vader himself, but an elderly man whose snore would bring him millions in the Star Wars circles.  And of course, I snapped his pic...

Paw Paw Vader

For all of you who have been around during Southern Decadence, we saw a Latvian dude you need to take with you.  He had on some weird pants with a sleeveless jean jacket and large squares were cut out of the shoulders, presumably to show off his rippling trapezius'????  I think for sure he was heading to NOLA.

Then <DRUMROLL PLEASE> came THE STOP.  A defining moment in my trip.......I had to pee.  The bus, obviously has no bathroom, though it resembled a large Greyhound coach.  So on one of those smoke stops mentioned in the previous post, I poked my head in the bus station and had Natasha ask where the WC was.....THey motioned to a building verrrrrrrrrrrrrry far removed from the nice, clean, utilitarian bus station.  So we walk.  Then I realize WHY Natasha protested so greatly to coming to the bathroom with me.  I can't even begin to describe the stench, much less the restroom, so I am simply going to post a photo. 


OK.  Just to hammer the point home, the floors were wet and filth covered with feces and urine.  Obviously, there is no toilet paper, nor is their a handle to hold onto while you squat.  Oh what fun.  Oh, and did I mention, the door to the "facility" is kept open, so everyone outside that would dare stick their head in could see you dropping trow.  And I can't imagine what the stench would be like if you CLOSED the door.  People could die in there.  

Will post on Riga later  ;-)


  1. I experienced a similar restroom (could you rest there?) at a church in eastern Latvia. They had the nerve to charge 30 centiums to use it!!!

  2. Same as in Ukraine -- only I got charged 1.50 grivna!! I had to laugh at your bus trip. I shared a bus with a man I named, "Mr. Onions." Not only did he reek of onions, but he proceeded to open up his sandwich, add fresh onions, and try to eat it on the bus. The driver yelled at him to put it away; after a brief discussion, "Mr. Onions" gave in. Makes you thankful to be an American, doesn't it?

  3. I would have been incensed to PAY for this nasty excuse for a toilet.

  4. This is the "swatie potties" we mostly see in Ukraine and talk about it to the host parents....the reason many kids come over and have no idea what TP is! Oh and also the reason we always carry TP on the mission trip. I myself will find a way to hold it. I swear my body shuts down when I am out in the mission fields....I just can't go.
    Riga is much MUCH more "westernized". I am praying for you and keep rolling on..,you will all be home soon!
    Oh I am surprised the bus did not have a WC....yeah my buss ride from Laipaja to Riga had one and they assigned us seats. I rode it alone this past March to meet up with the NH team since my plane was late. That was an experience being alone and no one in site speaking any English. lol

  5. opps....That was "Squatie Potties"....LOL

  6. Thank you for that visual. I don't think I will eat today. At. All.