Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy American, Back in Daugavpils for 2 days

Dima is took me to some churches he thought I might enjoy and he was right.  I just love the Russian Orthodox Churches.  In many of the Riga churches, they prohibit photography, but when I asked the little hunched over old lady in this church, she smiled broadly and said "DAAAA!  Two Lats!"  Had to admire her shrewdness, but I'd bet she has a wicked Marlboro reds habit!  <JOKING!>  Here are some sights fro the last two days:

I see this old lady daily.  She's always really busy getting somewhere.

This is the house across from the gorgeous church pictured next.  What a contrast, eh?

Russian Orthodox Church

Inside the church....the following ar eth pics granted by the 2 Lat Lady

Okay, I love this.  Catholics, they line up and DRINK the Holy Water.  It was very interesting to watch old ladies and men line up with their water bottles to be filled.  OR you can purchase a little tea cup full of water.  An older lady collects the money and serves you.

We watched this guy toss back a liter of beer and nearly fall out of the window.

The prison.  You can hear them hollering at you form the windows as you walk by.

Catholic Church

Dome in the Catholic Church

Outside the Catholic Church.  DIma tried to tell me it was NOT a church for a few day .  I think he was afraid I would make him go to mass.
We've been biding our time....we are all getting BORED.

They were given a lat each for some trampoline time...I couldn't help noticing some scoundrel or about 13 who decided park himself behind Natash'a trampoline for a little preteen excitement.  I gave him the evil eye and luckily he skulked off because Natasha was too busy chatting with the 5 year old Vietnamese girl on the trampoline adjacent to hers to notice her admirer.  Whew.  I am not ready for dating just yet.  Today, they rode these funny little bike/car hybrids.  And we went shooting again.  I have to admit, that's one of my favorites.  (That's Aija with us.)

My Dad would have been proud.

And here's a funny one to close on........The bathrooms at Latgola smell a bit funky.  Michael messages me on his I-phone and tells me that "Latgola" keeps getting auto-corrected to "latrine."


  1. Thank you so much for all the great pictures! It is great "traveling" through your eyes!