Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come On, Irene!!

  Yes, I KNOW it's really Eileen.  But my version of the song is stuck in my head with that hurricane trying to ruin my plans to come home.  It looks like I will be landing Friday night in ATL as the hurricane is slightly off the GA coast.  I do not relish the idea of flying into a hurricane.  We called Delta daily in an effort to more our flights to the exact same flight, just a day earlier, but they won't do it without a 678 dollar price differential PLUS a change fee...and that is per person.  Oh, and their are about 6-8 open seats.  Makes a lot of sense, Delta, thanks a lot.

  Last day in Riga!  Last day in Latvia...for now!  We have two additional trips to make before this crazy process is complete.  Hopefully we will travel sooner rather than later because I am NOT looking forward to being here in the snow!  Some of these summer days were cold enough for me!

  Today was 75, sunny, and really downright perfect.  Here are some great "end of trip" photos:

Sand sculptures on the banks of the Daugava

My favorite

This one was some old lady's fav..she kept pantomiming pinching his butt.

Riga Castle (Where the Pres conducts business)

House of Blackheads (red bricks) and Old Riga Town Sq.

These are the preferred heel size of women here.  I would certainly break my ankle.

Pigeon Man

  Just to make my life a little MORE interesting, I pretty much failed my visa interview with the kids.  Mr.  Visa Man at the US Embassy made a point of stressing that the kids cannot go to any PUBLIC school, which was fine, because I wanted them to go to PRIVATE school.  So I am thinking it's ok and I ask about private school.  (This has been a huge debate with adopters from Latvia.)  This gets me a stern lecture on not screwing up the Latvian adoption program by sending them to school when it's strictly prohibited.  This is apparently a US restriction bc they are not actually legal citizens yet and they are entering the country on a visitor, not student, visa.  SIGH. 
  Right about then I wanted to throw a gigantic screaming and yelling tantrum in the Embassy because I do not WANT to homeschool two kids.  (No, this does NOT make me a mean nasty ogre.  It just means I prefer not to homeschool.)  But, alas, they have impressive guns and I have no desire to go to jail or possibly get shot.  So I will homeschool.  
  So right now it's 1 am in Latvia.  We are packed.  The kids are excited to get out of the hotels.  And I am shopping for online options for their schooling.  Sigh.
  On another note, I have one kid with a verified UTI, one who refuses to skype with me, and a little daughter who has over 60 envelopes filled with God-knows-what for those of us returning, and two birthday parties and swim practice Saturday.  I can't wait to get home.  Let the games begin.  

PS--Anyone concerned about my mental health should leave Cabernet Sauvignon on my front porch.


  1. Aislinn has a bunch of info about online schools. She wanted to do that this year. I have a bunch of stuff on homeschooling. Feel free to hit us up when you get home and are back on our time schedule!!

  2. Soon you'll be home and you'll be oh so glad! Hang in there!

  3. Let me just say, I LOVE the Photos! Oh, and....don't borrow sorrow from tomorrow. You will be FINE!