Friday, August 26, 2011

Ciao Riga

 When Michael returned to ATL, he navigated the airport with no troubles. When we arrived at 10am, the airport was a madhouse. We could barely squeeeeeeze into the check in area! Lines for Air Baltic were 1 plus hours long and stretched far outside the cuing area. It was insanity—babies crying, pushing, shoving, and generally complete bedlam—with no representative taking any responsibility for the situation. No one could even figure out where one line started and another stopped!

Of course, the self-check-in kiosk would not accept our information, so we were forced to wait, causing Dima to become extraordinarily stressed and Natasha to try to tell me that “this was Latvia” and I “not doing it so good.” I was getting more than a little irritated with the situation--it was HOT, people stunk, the kids were flipping out and an 11 year old was telling me how to do things.

But, we made it, last ones to get to the gate....and HAPPY SURPRISE! We have been upgraded to first class! Whoopie! None of us are seated together, but I will enjoy the blissful lift of responsibilities for 2.5 hours. Leg one of our flight will entail being painstakingly coddled, then we will return to the cattle car from Netherlands to Atlanta. Wondering how much upgrades cost for leg two?!?!?! I could get used to this!

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