Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chic and Sleek

Lake Daugava as visible form the zoo

Pretty certain they shouldn't be doing this, but everyone tosses food to the animals here.

walking path from the zoo to a gorgeous playground
Okay, so this is more my speed.  I love Riga.  Think London, but on a smaller, geener scale and that's Riga.  Except I can understand the Brtis and not the Latvians.  I don't have a stinking clue what they are saying, but I can generally tell if I am being spoken kindly to or snarled at.  LOL

Mercifully, we are out of the hotel for a few days and in a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, which was surprisingly large.  It even has a washing machine and I have stopped sticking my nose in the Target bag full of mini soaps and shampoos and inhaling deeply.  The kids are relieved to have some space to move around and I am relieved to have some privacy at night.

I am having to communicate with teachers and my mom about the kids and Natasha is VERY curious and I do have to shoo her away.  She wants to know EVERYTHING that is going on and I have to remind her that business between adults is not for children.  Sounds like another little girlie I know.

Dima has stopped panicking because he was convinced I would get us all lost in Riga and we would all suffer some horrid fate without Michael.  I am pleased to report, we all are alive and well.

Went to the zoo today, kids had a blast.  This was more like an American zoo, but with many more small animals--they even have a glassed enclosure for squirrels, which made me laugh.  The large animals appear to be somewhat problematic and fewer possibly due to the fact that it's a darn tundra here during the winter and they would certainly all freeze??  However, for the large animals they DO house, they have impressive indoor enclosures.

Also, took a train (tram like train) to the zoo and nearly was kicked off by Comrade Bus Ticket Man today. You purchase your ticket before hand then scan them on a little scanner when you get on.  I am not sure what was going on but he wanted MORE tickets and we had already scanned our ticket that we had paid for.  A cute little Irish girl of about 12 rescued us and spoke in rapid fire Latvian and I think she told him off.  WHen I told her thanks she spoke back in perfect English with an Irish lilt and told me she had only lived in Latvia for 3 years.  Darn kids can pick up on any language in such a short time.  Little sponges!

So basically, Michael took off today, got to Amsterdam, had his flight to ATL cancelled (OF COURSE!) and was re-routed to BOSTON?!?!  Whatever.  I guess they will get him home somehow and at least he has clothes waiting for him at the house if the luggage gets lost again.

No idea what we will do tomorrow.  I am back to winging it.  WE all feel freer in Riga. If it weren't for the absurd prices in Latvia in general, I could live here.


  1. Isn't it amazing how expensive things are there! And the people do not make big salaries. I don't understand how they live. Maybe that is why they have to pack so many people into such tiny living quarters.

  2. Boston!?! I'm so jealous, that's my old stomping grounds. Glad to hear you are still among the living. :)