Saturday, August 20, 2011

Book Work

Being an eternal tourist is actually hard work.  It wears you out not to have a real home base equipped with the essentials needed for washing, cooking, etc.  Quite frankly, we are all sick of it.  The children had no real interest in doing ANYTHING today, so I made us all get OUT and just see what we could see.  

Right now, Riga is in the midst of it's "Riga 810" festival, which is some festival celebrating it's 810th year.  The children were not really impressed.  But I snapped a few amusing shots of Riga that you might enjoy.

One of the competitors in the "strong man" competition 

some little fruity thingys I have never seen before--red and orange ones..names anyone??

Kids were mortified that I snapped this pic...reminds me of "A Christmas Story."

Just another view bc it's so darn hilarious.

just waiting and waiting.....

some Academic building

A Russian Orthodox church I loved.  It was gorgeous inside but I was not allowed to take pics.

same church

And my fav, the bra and undies kiosk!  Haven't you ever needed undies in a dark underpass on your way to the bus station????

I think I did win an interesting battle today though.  Dima has always been reticent to read.  I bought him "Harry Potter" over the winter in Latvian and he refused to read it but wanted to watch the  movie.  And when the other kids would lie down in the evenings and read before bed, he would scurry all over the house, avoiding reading.  Now, we KNOW he can read, it's not that at all, he just didn't WANT to. 

Anyway, today I brought them to a bookstore and told them to pick out a book for the afternoon.  We were going to read since they didn't want to DO anything.  Natasha was all over it.  Dima made faces, groaned and generally dragged his feet, even in the bookstore.  He asked to purchase 74 things that were NOT books and was told NOPE.  I finally located several popular titles I recognized, including one "Diary of a WImpy Kid" text.  He sighed and reluctantly brought it to the counter then crossed his arms the whole way home.  

Next thing I know the boy is plopped down on his bed, reading,  and an hour has passed and he says "Just one meen-ute Mom!" when I ask if he wants to play cards.  Hmmmmmm.  So I walk into the room and he's sheepishly grinning and then asks, "Mom, I can get book what is anofer color?"  I ask , "So you want the next book in the series?"  Dima blushing, "Yeah, Eet eez gooooood!"  Well, well, well.  Cross your fingers for another reader in our family.  Natasha is reading "101 Dalmations."  

They don't know it yet, but I will buy just about any book you want.  I hope they read enough to figure it out.


  1. LOL - I died laughing when I saw the hosiery vendor and your comment. Reminded me of the vendors in Sumy, Ukraine where we stayed. FWIW, my 11 yo bio son LOVES Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movies. The humor is perfect for boys, the cartoon illustrations are funny. There are now 2 movies about the series if you weren't aware of it.

  2. Great post and pictures! I am really enjoying your blog!

  3. Yep! The Diary series is what finally got my son to read! The latest one is coming out in November!

  4. Ha! Had to laugh at the Christmas Story pictures!!
    And where was the bra and undies kiosk while your luggage was still in New York!!

  5. I would've taken a pic of the legs, too! hehe