Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We are in AMsterdam.....our luggage is in Prague and perhaps on its way to meet us in Riga??!?!?!?  So I may need the underwear some of you volunteered to send!  HA!

I am seriously thankful that I did not have to sit next to a group who obviously did not believe in bathing.  IT would have been a loooong 8 hours.  Conversely, my seat mate was a young American guy and an older Indian couple.  Michael was seated two rows directly ahead of me and I had to resist the urge to toss peanuts at his head in flight.

The young guy next to me was busy speaking into his phone in a very hushed, secretive voice.  HE looked initially like he was a sullen kind of guy.....spoke a while longer, snapped a rather snarly photo of himself and hung up.  Then, surprisingly, he struck up a conversation.  Turns out, he was a young father, in his mid 20's on his way back to Afghanistan after being in the States briefly for his fathers funeral.  He proceeded to break out that same phone and show me pictures of an adorable little curly headed blond haired, blue eyed girl and a chubby faced little 2  year old boy.  Then he started to cry.  SIGH.  He broke my heart.  And he cried and cried for those two little kids he had just left behind........

There was also a nutty ooolllllllllllllllllllldddddddd Indian man with a gigantic turban on his head that decided to GET UP as we were trying to land.... I was awoken from a Tylenol PM induced sleep to hear the stewardess shouting at the glazed over old man to "SIT DOWN NOW SIR!"  He had no idea what was going on!  He sat just as the wheels touched the tarmac.

On a brighter note, Amsterdam is freezing.  Not literally, but it was 50 when we got off the plane.  I packed for a "Southern Fall" as I call it......mostly short sleeves and a pair of jeans "just in case."  Looks like it does not matter if my luggage makes it or not.  I am gonna need Uggs and a darn fleece to make it out of Eastern Europe without frost bite.

We are laid over for a few hours......postcards sent to the kids.......I swiped a blanket form the plane, so I am wrapped in a gorgeous Delta/KLM  bright red blanket.  Michael has sat elsewhere to avoid the humiliation of being associate with me  ;-)

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  1. I wish you had started your blog earlier! I love your writing style. :) Sending up a flare prayer for your luggage to make an appearance before your underwear develops its own personality. :)

    Waiting (not so) patiently for updates from Riga.